ROLE 2 Medical Support Services for EUTM-S

27 jan

Number: 5929875

Country: Somalia

Source: TED

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  1. Section I
    1. Name and addresses
      European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM-S)
      Telephone: +252 699360057
    2. Type of the contracting authority:
      European institution/agency or international organisation
    3. Main activity:
      General public services
  2. Section II
    1. Scope of the procurement:
      1. Title:

        ROLE 2 Medical Support Services for EUTM-S

      2. Main CPV code:
      3. Type of contract:
      4. Short description:

        EUTM-S is seeking for a Role 2 medical care services to cover the region of Mogadishu. According to NATO doctrine, the Medical Care Support is categorized into 4 Roles: (Role 1, Role 2, Role 3, and Role 4) that identifies the functions and the capabilities of a medical unit or element. Most of the care capabilities of each Role are subordinates to the next higher Role.

        The Role 2 must be capable to provide a basic level of surgery within the first hourbut not later than 2 hours of wounding, a primary surgery directed at first repair of local damage from wounding not more than 4 hours and Emergency Orthopedic Surgery and Emergency Life Saving Surgery.

        The Medical Care services capability will be available 24/7.

      5. Information about lots:
        This contract is divided into lots: no
      6. Total value of the procurement:
        Value excluding VAT: 1 996 860.00 EUR
    2. Description
      1. Title:
      2. Additional CPV code(s):

      3. Place of performance:
      4. Description of the procurement:

        EUTM Somalia is seeking for a Role 2 medical support services permanently situated in IC MIA, Somalia for the period 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2018 (1 year contract).The contractor must provide the human and material resources necessary to ensure the Role 2 Medical Support Service. Role 2 Medical Support Service works within an appropriate complex system of medical care in order to ensure preservation of life, health and the minimization of residual disabilities, this system is based on treatment time-lines, which commence from the time of wounding/injury occurs.

        The following must be adhered to:

        — Role 2: Time and distance related constraints require surgery to be performed inthe mission area itself before patients can be transported to the nearest acceptable hospital in the region. The Role 2 Medical Staff is to consist of 10 members to be changed every 2 months: General Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Anaesthesiologist, Anaesthetist Nurse, n. 2 Operating Room Nurse.

        Critical Care nurse, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical X-Ray Technician and Project Manager (the Role 2 Medical Staff requirements are in annex to the procurement documents).

        — Role 2 provides the following medical care: Damage Control Surgery (DCS), Primary Surgery (PS), Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery and Emergency Life Saving Surgery (ELSS) with postoperative care; Intensive Care with theatre holding policy up to 18 hours, diagnostic imaging (radiology & ultrasound) and laboratory examination (blood, urine and stool), medical liability insurance and enough supplies (pharmaceuticals, medical gases and emergency blood) to support Role 2 functions (see description in the technical specifications).

        All medical activities will comply with applicable (International) Law and EU standards and ethics. The quality of EUTM-S Health and Medical Support will continue to be consistent with EU standards, its aim to achieve outcomes of treatment equating to peace time “best medical practice”. The application of this principle must be guided by the principles embodied within concepts of Clinical/Healthcare Governance and Evidence Based Medicine.

      5. Award criteria:
      6. Information about options:
        Options: no
      7. Information about European Union funds:
        The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
      8. Additional information:
  3. Section IV
    1. Description:
      1. Type of procedure:
        Restricted procedure
      2. Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system:
      3. Information about electronic auction:
      4. Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA):
        The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: no
    2. Administrative information:
      1. Previous publication concerning this procedure:
      2. Information about termination of dynamic purchasing system:
      3. Information about termination of call for competition in the form of a prior information notice:
  4. Section V
    1. Title:

      ROLE 2 Medical Support Services for EUTM-S

    2. Award of contract
      1. Date of conclusion of the contract: 2018-01-01
      2. Information about tenders:
        Number of tenders received: 1
        The contract has been awarded to a group of economic operators: no
      3. Name and address of the contractor:
        International SOS (Belgium)
        Heyzel Esplanade 1B007
        The contractor is an SME: yes
      4. Information on value of the contract/lot (excluding VAT):

        Total value of the contract/lot: 1 996 860.00 EUR
      5. Information about subcontracting:

  5. Section VI
    1. Additional information
    2. Procedures for review
      1. Review body
        Le Tribunal de première instance de Bruxelles
        Place Poelaert
      2. Body responsible for mediation procedures

      3. Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained
        Comité spécial d’Athena
        rue de la Loi 175
        Telephone: +32 22816714
    3. Date of dispatch of this notice