Invitation to Prequalification

Country: Somalia
Language: EN
Number: 1909579
Publication date: 11-05-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
Tags: Painting work Concrete Construction work for bridges Drainage works Drinking water


Invitation to Prequalification
Procurement Process : ITP - Invitation to pre-qualify
Office : UNDP Somalia (Somaliland Field Office) - SOMALIA
Deadline : 30-May-17
Posted on : 11-May-17
Development Area : CONSTRUCTION
Reference Number : 37610
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00042444 - Management Plan
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This pre-qualification exercise is for the sole purpose of establishing a list of highly qualified contractors who are technically, financially and administratively capable of providing excellent construction project(s) of various sizes and complexities for the next (3) three years; as briefly described below:

  • Vendors with capacity to carry out civil works for amounts below US $5,000;
  • Vendors with capacity to carry out civil works for amounts of between US $5,000 and US $50,000;
  • Contractors with capacity to carry out civil works for amounts of between US $50,000 and US $100,000;
  • Contractors with capacity to carry out civil works for amounts of between US $100,000 and US $150,000.00
  • Vendors with capacity to carry out civil works for amounts above US $150,000 and beyond.

Contractors are requested to indicate the volume of work they can undertake.


  • Grading and compacting using acceptable laterite or road materials;
  • Reinforced concrete culverts fabrication and installation as per drawings and specifications;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete bridges;
  • Drainage Control System;
  • Assess to Surveying Equipment;
  • Rental of heavy duty road equipment.


  • Excavation of foundation and construction of buildings as per drawings and work specifications;
  • Roof and ceiling construction;
  • Installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures;
  • Painting;
  • Rehabilitation of buildings as per drawings and work specification;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete water towers.
  • Construction of Security Structures (T-walls, Watch Towers, Jersey barriers, Boom gates, ballistics Gates/Doors, etc.)


  • Site clearing and preparation;
  • Damming;
  • Base stabilization;
  • Blinding;
  • Installation of reinforced concrete culverts;
  • Construction of head walls;
  • Backfilling of culverts and depressions;
  • Compaction.


  • Digging of hand dug wells at a minimum deep of 15 meters;
  • Installation of reinforced concrete culverts;
  • Drilling and rehabilitation of borehole for safe drinking water;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of canals;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete apron;
  • Installation of hand pumps;
  • Construction of institutional latrines as per drawings and specifications.
  • Provision of water supply for the urban and rural areas.

The pre-qualified Applicants will be invited to submit bids for an Invitation to Bid, (hereinafter: the ITB) and RFQ (hereinafter: the RFQ) for UNDP Somalia construction work(s) projects; where technical and financial evaluation will be carried out according to UNDP rules and regulations.

ITBs and RFQs will only be sent to the pre-qualified Applicants. After having received and evaluated bids, UNDP will award a contract for construction work(s); to the Applicant whose bid will be determined to be substantially responsive to that particular ITB or RFQ and whose bid attains the first lowest technically responsive bidder.

For each submission of bids to the ITB or RFQ, pre-qualified Applicants should submit with their bids any information updating their original Statements of Qualification (hereinafter: SOQ) or alternatively confirm in the bids that originally submitted information remain essentially correct as of the date of bid submission.

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